Eva Krásenská
      puppets and theatre


Great Expectations (2008)
Wirksworth festival 2008, Art and Architecture trails, Bollehill
Methodist Chapel, Bollehill, UK
Festival of theatre Lisen 2008, Brno, CZ
Lace Market Theatre, Nottingham, UK, winter 2008
Photos of bridal bouquets 90 x 120cm
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In project Great Expectatations I see flowers as a social need-a need in society. Traditional bridal bouquet is part of the wedding ceremony and mirrors the taste and character of the wearer. It expresses the hope for an ordinary or adventurous marriage and for the life after it. It is the vessel for expectations.

Actually my friend pointed out the connection between Charles Dickens Great Expectations and my work. In the book the main character is trapped in the vision of her own marriage which never happened. There are of course lots of different expectations: great wealth, love, romance. But all turned out to be something else, false game, untrue reality.

I wanted to depict different atmospheres, each feeling and thought, even the most ordinary and subtle. It is just a small detail which might not provoke or feel shocking. It is just a small hint. Barbed wire on the horizon or suddenly a strange house or small objects incorporated into the arrangement. Each picture has its own space and it has been taken at different times of the year. Lots of ideas were coming up absolutely spontaneously and I am very grateful for the help and enthusiasms of people who happen to be around. Thanks for the photos to: Svatava Micankova, Jane Nicols and Susanne Scheiwiller

Wirksworth festival 2008 photosLace Market Theatre photos
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