Eva Krásenská
      puppets and theatre


Kingdom (2007)
Funeral tribute inspired by designer Alexander McQueen.
My design has been inspired by the perfume Kingdom and idea of evaporating smell to the air. It has been for me an illustration of the soul leaving the body and going to different spheres.
It has been trapped in the cage representing the borders of a kingdom and also human existence on the earth.
In the compilation of this design, Gipsophilia is used for the cloud constructed on an oasis cushion base. The heart consists of shaped oasis, covered with petals of red tulips which were pinned on. At the bottom three Anthuriums were added, creating a smooth glossy appearance, illustrating bodily surface. The cage consists of hawthorn, wild roses, wild blackberry, using only the shoots and branches.
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designed & created by
Boris Klepal